The GEO Label is a metadata label to improve understandability of standardised geospatial metadata using a visual summary. It was developed in the FP7 project GeoViQua. Find out more on the official GEO Label website: http://www.geolabel.info/.

This website presents the GEO Label Services, i.e., implementations of a RESTful API that allows generating GEO label in SVG, JSON, and PNG representations from supplied metadata records. Find out more about the label and the existing implementations and how they were extended, and take a look at the references for more detailed information.

This website is maintained by Daniel Nüst.

GEO Label Examples

Google Cloud Run

A containerised deployment on Google Cloud Run of the Java implemenation includes a user interfaces for interactive usage of the GEO Label API: https://glbservice-nvrpuhxwyq-ew.a.run.app/glbservice/

Example API URL: https://glbservice-nvrpuhxwyq-ew.a.run.app/glbservice/api/v1/svg?metadata=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nuest/GEO-label-java/master/server/src/test/resources/4.0/DigitalClimaticAtlas_mt_an_GEOlabel.xml

Resulting label:

Example GEO Label

AWS Lambda

A partial implementation with support for SVG generation is deployed on Amazon Web Services Lambda as an extension of the Java implementation.

Example API URL: https://6x843uryh9.execute-api.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/glbservice/api/v1/svg?metadata=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nuest/GEO-label-java/master/server/src/test/resources/4.0/DigitalClimaticAtlas_mt_an_GEOlabel.xml

Resulting label:

Example GEO Label


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For further references see also the official GEO Label website.